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Get Your Security Guard License Programs Online

Non-Commissioned and Commissioned Security Officers Online

Preparing security officers for an ever-evolving world with modern teaching techniques and technology. Using online and video training to reach all students.

Level 2, 3 & 4 Licenses available

Serving Texas

Who is it for?

These online courses are meant for anyone looking to become a security officer in Texas. Featuring both Non-Commissioned and Commissioned training online.

  • Non-Commissioned Training

    The first step for anyone looking for a career in private security. Learn the laws and regulations in this online course.

  • Commissioned Training

    Learn everything you need to know to become a licensed security officer. Weapons handling, defensive tactics, as well as handcuffing technique.

  • Requalification or Schedule Shooting

    Need to requalify or schedule your shooting test? We can help with that too!

  • Pepper Spray

    Get Pepper Spray certified online today! 100% online! No pepper spray exposure required. No DPS submission required. Course is 2-3 hours, online. Complete at your own pace!

Texas Security Academy LLC is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Board.

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