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Non-Commissioned and Commissioned Security Officers Online

Preparing security officers for an ever-evolving world with modern teaching techniques and technology. Using online and video training to reach all students.

Serving Texas

Who is it for?

These online courses are meant for anyone looking to become a security officer in Texas. Featuring both Non-Commissioned and Commissioned training online.

  • Non-Commissioned Training

    The first step for anyone looking for a career in private security. Learn the laws and regulations in this online course.

  • Commissioned Training

    Learn everything you need to know to become a licensed security officer. Weapons handling, defensive tactics, as well as handcuffing technique.

  • Requalification or Schedule Shooting

    Need to requalify or schedule your shooting test? We can help with that too!

  • Pepper Spray

    Get Pepper Spray certified online today! 100% online! No pepper spray exposure required. No DPS submission required. Course is 2-3 hours, online. Complete at your own pace!

Texas Security Academy LLC is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Board.

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