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Completed your online class? Schedule live fire qualification today! Visit the forum in your Student Portal for details. 

Already have your Level 3 and need to requalify? Schedule today!

Complete the requal classes and written test online at your own pace! Afterwards just show up and shoot! Many range days available for your convenience! No classrooms or written tests! 

Wondering where in Texas we train?

Our classes may be online, but our firearms proficiency test are at the range with our training partners!

You will be provided a list of our training partners' links on your course page, Purchase your Level 3 course and set up your firearms proficiency test today!


Sign up for our course, login and complete the training, then schedule a live fire qualification with a nearby instructor and your done! 

You are provided with online access to the course to complete at your own pace. Once you are done with the training, complete the state certification exam in the course and you will instantly receive your PSB-30 (Basic Security Officer Training Course Level Three Certificate of Completion).

It really is the exact Department of Public Safety (DPS) curriculum for security officers! We pride ourselves on ensuring all our officers get the highest level of training before they complete the course!

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