our teaching team

Bryan Proctor II

Retired USAF Veteran, Retried Law Enforcement, CEO of Go Strapped

Commissioned Security Officer Instructor

Bryan is a USAF veteran with multiple deployments around the world. Bryan also has 20 years in Law Enforcement before becoming an LTC instructor for the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Private Security Bureau. Bryan believes in the importance of protecting others and enjoys training new officers. 

Donnie Camp

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Firefighting Instructor, Tactical Medical Instructor

NRA Firearms Instructor/Expert Tactical Medical Instructor

Donnie worked for a firefighter training company, he received certifications in Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, and Haz-Mat Operations Rescue. Donnie then joined a volunteer Fire Department where he became a Lieutenant. Donnie became an instructor with certifications from Texas Commission on Fire Protection as well as The International Fire Service Accreditation Congress. He is also a CPR/AED Instructor with The American Heart Association and Stop The Bleed Instructor with The American College of Surgeons.

Jessica Proctor

Women's Self-Defense Expert and DPS LTC Instructor

Commissioned Security Officer Instructor

Jessica has over a decade of experience in the law enforcement field. She has served for over 10 years as a police/ fire dispatcher and 911 operator. A certified Level 4 security officer, working personal protection as well as fugitive recovery. Jessica is a certified LTC instructor for the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Private Security Bureau. 

Top of the Line training

Training for our changing world can be tough, so we ensure that our officers are prepared by looking at current events as well as responses from across the world.

Real-Life Sceanrios

We want our officers to know what to do and put it into action when the environment becomes stressful. Scenarios from the real world and stress training will help prepare our officers for any possible situation.

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