PSB Level III, Recertification Course (online component only)


This course is the online training component only. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of course completion for the online training. The certificate will need to be signed off by the Firearms Instructor for their range qualification. The student will have to schedule and pay for their range qualification separately.

TRAINING REQUIREMENT UPDATE – JAN 01, 2024 – Beginning January 1, 2024 per House Bill 3424, 88th R.S. (2023), which requires applicants for a commissioned security officer license to obtain in-person classroom training in self-defense tactics. The amendments require prospective instructors to have the experience necessary to teach self-defense tactics.

In addition to the online training component, students will be required to complete their firearms qualification and defensive tactics training with an instructor in person. Contact our office for assistance in finding an instructor for your in-person training component.

Hours required: Minimum 45 hours (35 hours Lecture, 10 hours practical, although additional hours are recommended). Course access will be available for 30 days from date of purchase. If you need an extension give our office a call. The demonstration of firearm proficiency must be completed within 90 days of the application date and submitted to TOPs. Failure to complete your practical/firearms portion or document submission in the required time will result in you having to purchase and take the course over again.

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Complete the requal classes and written test online at your own pace! Afterwards just show up and shoot! Many range days available for your convenience! No classrooms or written tests!

All courses are available for 30 days upon purchase. Extensions are available upon request, at no additional charge.


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